Cinematic City



When we look at a photograph of someone

We may say that this person looks photogenic

That the camera loves this person

That he looks even better in pictures


I have found that this statement can equally apply to cities

And there is a city that invariably comes to mind

As maybe ‘the’ most photogenic city in the world

The Marilyn Monroe of cities

The uncontested Mecca of photographers, filmmakers, painters and amateurs


New York City


It has been said that Woody composed

Cinematic love letters to New York

And in “Sex and the City”,

Manhattan turned anthropomorphic

Became herself a character


The City possesses nearly matchless magical thrill

That baits and holds onlookers in a persuasive grip

Her striking Manhattan skyline with its eon-long avenues

The iconic hustle and bustle

Central Park - the vital node where urban draw

Meets a lush green nest

The bridges that reveal that New York City

Is composed of conjoined islands

A Utopian conglomeration of sorts –

Where people hope to harness success and triumph


Interestingly enough, when daring a closer look

We are coming up against tall, forbidding,

Rather uniform-looking structures

Extending into the sky tightening the airways

Huddling together as if busy hatching a conspiracy


Maybe a close-up view would fail to elicit the awe

That has led so many hungry humans to heed

The dignified invite of this city’s green-clad matriarch


New York City - the City of endless Dreams and Aspirations

This is where many hope to make it

Where it's been said that 'if you make it here, you'll make it anywhere'

Frank Sinatra immortalized New York in sound

And the homage rings as true today as it did decades ago


So what is it about an agglomeration of close-knit, towering buildings?

About this symbolic skyline of skyscrapers that confiscates so many eyes?

Could it be that one of her more visually arresting facets

Is revealed in the reflective genius of her vanishing facades?

Blue skies and white clouds brightening up concrete and rendering

An otherwise ponderous appearance weightless


Maybe it's this levitating quality that sets New York's city scape apart

A felt lightness while dashing beneath the steely eye of lustrous giants

Maybe it's that she set the tone for every other urban skyline

Maybe it's that New York City is the trendsetter,

The original American metropolis

With her juxtaposition of commanding high rises and cuddly brownstones

A topography combining, both,

Geometric efficiency and sensual scenery


Whichever her influence, any which person stands a positive chance

Of literally 'falling in love' with New York City's layout

The cinematic lens does not seem to tire of her

It lingers on her scintillating veneer,

Sweeps over her supremely recognizable features

Closes in on intimate city blocks only to pan back out -

Those world-famous photographic stills that

Could have been the reason the word spellbound came into being

She has been the subject of an endless rendition of snap shots

And as such it surely feels

As if New York City has been entirely conceived to be captured on screen


Endless apertures have immortalized her privileged standing

Park Avenue on a busy autumn day

Manhattan’s regal silhouette emerging at sunset

New York City misty-eyed following a rush of rain

It's a love affair we all have experienced up close or on screen


We can try and resist the 'Asphalt Jungle' all we want

Something nonetheless seeps in, enchantment did its work

Sometimes entirely unseen, years in the making

Suddenly, however, she manages to lasso you in

She knows - Seduction is what she does best

She's an expert at beckoning and beguiling

At magnetizing the eye of people who've been searching

For Fame, for Love, for the existential Pulse

For a myriad palette of artists, she is the holy grail of cultural offerings


New York City is the incumbent Broadway Star

She is the Mount Olympus of Modern Times

And we are her throng of admirers

Gathering at her base

Looking up, looking up

Forever - looking up