Heterosexual Tribulations of the Homo Sapiens

Religiously informed temperament flares up

Around the fearful idea that somehow

The world of the plentiful human, if left unchecked,

Could soon become depopulated

By marriage arrangements that cannot anatomically fulfill

God's mandate to earthlings

To continually procreate on this, our earth;

We would, in critics' eyes, soon become extinct if same sex sexuality

Became a commonly accepted pairing ideal;

This prediction surely must be the common fundamentalist consensus

That drives the outcries and legislative efforts

Of Americans, who speak their minds

Against an expansion of the current marriage definition;

This fear mongering that forms the basis for hate based crime

And other such despicable acts

Must be based on a belief that homosexuality is contagious,

And that if allowed to flourish within the public eye

And placed on par with

Currently accepted modes of expressed sexual drive,

'It' would soon infest the minds and loins

Of self appointed marriage apostles

And self righteous heterosexuals

And turn them on and nudge them toward

Trying the deviant slice of life;


What discriminating laws and zealous public calls

In favor of curing and thus eradicating

The very existence of homosexuality

Propagate and radically try to sell

Are a criminalized image of a homosexual's life

That equates a person's same sex way to express love

To accusations of being a child molesting menace;

What haters are trying to infiltrate and mold in common folk's head

Is the association of a same sex lifestyle

With the desecration of the sanctity of childhood,

And on a broader scale,

The annihilation of the religious right

With its biblical duty to populate;


Haven't studies shown that throughout history

A steady 10 percent of the population

Has subscribed or found leanings toward their own kind?

Why would a sudden marriage acceptance clause within U.S. law

Change a balance maintained since immemorial time?

What exactly, apart from religious hubris

Fed by dogmatic limitation,

Are the reasons for why we can't love be

In all its forms?


It has been said that, both, men and women

Have feminine and masculine traits within

So why would a same sex couple be less apt

In raising a well adjusted kid,

Who is receiving love from two parental units?



Because of an environment, whose narrowing viewpoints

And offshoot toxicity attack and negate

The many faces and facets love can take,

While wishing to ostracize a flexible model of planned parenthood;


Sticking to one's traditions and guns

Has never served for long,

When life teaches us

That definitions and paradigms are ripe

With evolutionary changes and adjustments

To a status quo always in flux;

Where does the rejection of the 'otherly loved' find validation

But in a potent fear based on a scarcity of fact?

Where are the statistics

That indicate a homosexual population is prone

To greater crime, to increased subversion of the young,

To an erosion of the blessed state

Of currently accepted marital displays?


Aren't we living in a country, where divorces are rampant,

Where pornographic minds are on the prowl,

And sex scandals stain the very houses of government

That are ironically in charge of 'cleaning up our immoral caves'?

Is this nation's current situation that enviable

That the moralizing conservative base can justifiably claim

Heterosexuals have it all figured out and well sorted out?

What about the current state of parent hood and child raising?

Can any of this country's heterosexual citizenry righteously assert

That how it's presently done proves and paves the way

Of how it 'should' be done?


What in all reality has happened

Since same sex marriage became federal law?

Did marriage become one huge Turkish bath house

Cut loose of fidelity, loyalty, honesty, and integrity?

Did marriage's procreation imperative become meaningless

Because for some couples

It means considering adopting a child instead of having one?

Did marriage become a laughingstock because

How could two women or two men know about raising a child,

When it is absolutely 'clear' that she needs both mom and dad?

Did the age old ten percent suddenly grow exponentially

And infiltrate its dirty mores thus turning

A formerly sacred into the now profane?


Let's take a quick look at the United States' traditional marriage situation;

Let's make an assessment, shall we:

Statistically significant amounts of couples get married too fast,

Have children too soon, and get divorced too often,

The consequence of which are an increasing number

Of single family households, where one parent plays

Both mom and dad;

Today's population has reached an alarming number of 7 billion,

Of which a healthy statistic is reserved

For abandoned and orphaned children,

whose representation continues to grow in weed like formation;

Marriages between differently 'gendered' couples

Experience their narrated share

Of marital infidelity, grey shades of loyalty, absence of honesty,

And questionable practices of integrity;

Family values are well touted but quite often found to be tainted;

So what, in God's name, then, gives the heterosexual majority the right

To preach all over the news and dictate our laws

On an issue where their side can hardly claim

To have dug out remotely moral ground?

What makes them think that they somehow can appropriate God's word

And besides, who said the Christian God should have a say

In the way our land formulates its laws?

What about religious freedom and the separation of church and state?

How can a constitution define marriage as exclusively male - female

Without placing the Bible on equal footing with the Constitution?

Have we reverted back to biblical times and thus

Are being subjected to biblical laws?

And if so,

In those times, homosexual leanings were just another way to love,

Just another facet of expressing emotions among humans;

Many a famous politician and conqueror held his gender

In amorous high regard and simultaneously enjoyed

Both admiration and fame

Undimmed by his sexual orientation or preference;

So, why can't we just all love and let love?

What bad happenings have ever emerged from expressing one's heart?

What type of Pandora's Box would befall us

If we let all forms of love exist

In the open for all to relish and take comfort in?

Doesn't love breed more love? Doesn't it pacify and unify?

Wouldn't a greater receptacle of love

Generate a higher energy vibration

Among our world's citizenry?

Why make ourselves moral apostles against the existing vastness of love?

Why not relinquish our militant arms and join together our anatomical ones

To allow for a world,

Where anyone's, everyone's love is accepted and welcome?

Why refuse homosexuals a right that heterosexuals

So many times have properly abused?

In the end, isn't love about people

And about falling in love with a person?

Can't we set aside erectile deficient categories of gender and sexuality?

We are each other, and we are one underneath and beyond

All our shapes and sizes


Love is the answer

So why make it a limiting one?