What I See

What I see is beauty

Merit and moxy that deftly declares

Document me


What I see is strength

A challenger, a protector

Courting a quest for intense


What I see is an artist

A painter, a guitarist

Thriving on encouragement


What I see is aplomb and certainty 

That tells us to take note

Of the foibles of humanity


What I see are well kept treasures

Framing what's on the surface

- sincere smiles and gestures 


What I see is determination

Tenacity that puts you on notice

I won't be taken advantage of


What I don't see

Remains amorphous clay

Delightful divinity at play


What I don't see

Is my own ability

To behold your eternity


What I don't see

Translates into a guessing game

Searching for the base


What I don't see is

beckoning me to

Document the possibilities


What I know is

The wish to behold the core of

Your dreams and longings


What I know is

There is truth lying in waiting

While I tailor my daring


What I know is

I keep flailing and know little more

Than you tunneling into my being