Too Many Syllables

What do I care

If you asked me to be clear

One more sentence to feel safe?


It's too many words, girl

Too many syllables, period


I want things light and fun

This conversation's come undone

Watch me sprint for the hills

I do my art the way I see fit

I don't give a shit what you may

Ask or think




*A kind word not forthcoming


It bugs you, doesn't it?

You think too much, shut up

Keep things light or better yet, lighten up

I am chasing distraction

Hand me kava, wine, and Robitussin


Catharsis is the purge that's needed

At least a dozen more

Many portraits to be primed and dated

45 so far and springtime to explore


If you wish to leave, go

Too many syllables, man

I am no longer who I was

Two months ago

What I wrote and said counts no more


Move on with the script

If fun with you stops, I'm out

I never meant, I mean, really meant

The many things I penned


Stop with this heavy shit

It makes me lose my wit

I totally stand to lose you and

It's all good

It's all good


Cause - let's face it

What you're asking of me 

What you wish me to be

Requires way too many syllables