As Words Grasp for your Being

An attempt at describing what cannot ever be truly captured by artistically imperfect means... 

This unfinished, still slightly unpolished piece hails from last week (last Friday to be exact)

I thought it was time it made its way to you.




By All Means

Your presence is blinding, beautifully blinding
And in parallel fashion endlessly revealing
Full of anticipation and hints of trepidation
I look up and what I behold is what I’ve dreamt of
All those instants, all those moments when I dared
The eternal search breaching center stage
I happen upon a clearing where I wish to meander and muse a while
I have been looking for substance, for a submerged siren rich in offerings
I have been yearning to sit in the presence of gods and their minions
It’s the sounds of the delta  - they’ve been beckoning
The fauvist colors - I’ve been pursuing
Seductive dance and a sultry glance
A celestial suite of yin and yang 

fanning high flights of passion



All I’ve ever sought has been 

to happen upon one made for me, 

the one whom I would get and who would get me. 

this life round I have spent months and then years 

reading and watching and listening to renditions of a tested love 

wondering whence my turn would come. 

lately, it came to feel like I had seen the last of it. 

I felt like I had outlived the possibility. 

I felt saddened and sobered contemplating a reality

that could merely dream up and reminisce on tantric ecstasy

a union ready to take me, understand me, forgive me, 

ready to entertain pitfalls and blind sides, willing to blend love and lust in

the forging of an ‘us’. 

It's when we least expect it, is it not? 


raising my eyes from under my obnoxious hat

and meeting yours at my friends’ vegan spot

What utterly unexpected delight -

The law of impermanence says 

that no-thing remains static

waves appear and they wash away past pain 

and all those cleansing tears-

It’s an eternal coming and going. 

and you, caring, attentive, affectionate, tender, 

with that sexy roar, part flower, part rock

came with that something that has left me 

breathless at times, at others, ravenous and desirous of more, more, more ways

to please every inch you fill and be pleased by every bewitching talent you display

satiation is a foreign concept these days 

I am filled, and still, I ask for more of you

more of your insisting eyes, your alluring voice, your decisive touch, 

your flaming visions of the world, your expanding presence mooring itself to my side, 

tethering itself to my inner sky. 

what remains to be done is to reverently (and ravenously)

enfold you and beckon you to completely envelop me. 

cover me and cradle me with every inch of your endless potentiality. 

I am scraping away at the borders of the terrestrial, the physical, the solid

I wish to dive and disappear into a territory 

where I no longer need words for algorithm or soliloquy 

where skyward breath and joined sound will activate the interior space. 

I stop thinking. I stop questioning. I stop avoiding the soundless. 

I behold you without blinking, without diverting the timid eye. 

I feel your virility parting me, penetrating me with ever more cadenced insistence ,

taking time to flirt with merging our bodies, with blending our energies. 

I want us to dance with each other at all times. 

I cannot picture our first fight, and yet, it is the way of things

the quotidian will have a say 

How will we fare? 

will we find a way to navigate our lesser selves, 

find that niche where more delicate subjects can be aired out and put to the test?

I see you and I know you are no accident

I know you are not some random light in the night

You are a lion whose roar I didn't wish, 

I didn't know how to ignore

What I am laying at your feet, 

placing as my gift to you and the Orishas is kindly meant

appreciation, admiration, respect, kindness and tenderness

How can I not when beholding you?

It is impossible

You are simply beautiful to me