Accountability is a Dirty Word

I pull you in deep and then I leave you at the curb

That's how it goes in this cutthroat world

I pull you in, and then you show yourself the door

No one's gonna coddle you, the floor is just as fair

You know the deal, you get the spiel

And the rest will work itself out

It always way or somehow


I ain't got no time to spell it all out

It's not in my nature, I got no more time to reel you in

I've already done that - been there, got that?

See yourself out if that's what you declare

I won't stop you, I got shit to let out - tons of it

 I won't ponder the consequence and

I refuse to mind your feelings


Fuck that!


We are all adults out here,  so by all means, do your thing

Just don't take it all too seriously

Just words, just life, just what it is

I've got no explaining to do

Thanks for sharing, sure

But I won't reveal what I'm about

Transparency is for pantsies

I won't let that shit back in


Don't ask me to be truthful

Don't you dare tell me to say sorry

What you currently see is what you get

Deal with it or get out

I'm fine with that

I won't bend to anyone's will

And I will do what instinct indicates

Whether vengeance punishment

Or simply indifference

I am going to do my thing - my thing

And no one, least of all you,

Is going to censor my musing