A Word of Caution on Safety

There is no safety in this world

There is no...safety...in this world

We are all flailing out here

We are all failing out here

On one occasion, in another situation

We are trying for the bay or the pier

But we slip and fall and bruise 

Ourselves on the way down


Forget safety, it isn't what life's about

Start flying while you leap

It all lies in your ability to believe

Forget what's all around

It is your time to shine and find inspired ground


I asked for safety and you denied us ours

Don't taunt me with words of the everyday

I think you knew what safety means to me

I had spelled it out, clearly laid it all out

In front of your finicky finesse

It is the trust I'm talking about

The deep knowing that you will keep me in the know

It's not about fabricating a reality

It's not about trying to shutter openings

To lock out sudden musing

It's about relating what is happening in the moment

It's about the play by play, the messy unfolding

It's about dispelling murkiness and not allowing

Assumption to settle in for when it starts its unspooling

It's ugly and it's incessant and it will cause suffering


There is no safety in this world

By all the O's I know

It is not the safety of the everyday I am speaking about

It's about the safety created by sharing the inner process

It's about being willing to offer what is going on in one's head

It's about letting the other person in on the mystery

Clarity is the safety net I was going for

I had offered you a few outs, an alternate account

You didn't wish to take it

You insisted no, and I got stuck on a shady doubt


You refused to provide the safety I said I needed

Right at the beginning, when we had all of life 

In our court to try on and ride with

You spit on my words with unkind remarks

You thereby dismissed what I am essentially about 

You looked at the poet with disdain and derision

You weren't going to bring me the rope for our saving

Let us drown, this is what the depths wish for

I enthralled you and you trapped yourself there

It ain't pretty, but I am not your boy safety

See to it yourself - we are all broken anyhow

All insecure in our many putrid ways

I want fun, beauty, and lightheartedness

None of this heavy shit


Get your safety elsewhere

While I am grabbing my brush

Go type on the page, go and make sense of it

I told you to document me

Well, here is your opportunity!