Sounds of Oleander

There is a melody that

haunts my silent space

and inside the haunt

there awaits peace

I play this tune in my head

again and again

I don't wish it to leave

I will it to stay


I keep it close to me

because of the memories

because of that day

it is an old friend

and when I seek it

it is like finding myself

A cradle of sighs

I find comfort in

when I visit

although sad, I welcome

hope lying there


The “Santa Ana’s”

stoke a wistful tune

on the lookout

for fallow virtue


I sit on an emotional ledge

dangling my feet over distances

I allow calm to seep in

for things that were

to be again

A tender, timeless space

that year after year


certain degrees of relief


it is the air, the sky

it is the night, the wind

it is this sound that

That rides on grace