Take it Easy, Tiger...


…Exclaims confidence child sporting a sly smile

Full of fun deflections and corrections

Always at the ready for underhanded attacks

That reek of a devil's advocate

The rapid fire verbal shots are intent on carving out

Instant supremacy and stake out a

Clever and playful claim to victory

The chase for constant thrill and varied and accumulating distractions

Keeps raging from the outside in

It's a trigger happy bet never quite lingering on red

And surely never resting on black

The boy has controversy to sow

“Il aime semer la zizanie”

Simply being is simply not enough -

No, no, no the chase is on

And when things get too routine - see ya' I'm gone

It's the controversy that sells, the sizzle that entices

What would happen if I said something clearly out of line

Or if I instead treaded the proverbial fine line?

How predictable and gullible are people

And to what extent can I spin my cheeky disposition?

‘I am happy for I cast out all my demons

Checked them at the exit door when I was 17 years old’

His is a defiant stance on death

‘Let it get me, I have no regrets’

It's about winning at this game called life

Where thrilling rides and shameless giggles offer you the winning gift

My dear, the answer is - you're always right

White spots on puerile liver

What's moderation to an entertainer's definition?

The imagined heart on a rabid mission for anchoring sensations

During semi-oblivious rants drowned in intoxicating instants

Where does the truth of this boy reside?

Is there a psychology s 101 lodged somewhere between

Walled in confessions and cleverly emitted verbalizations?

How curious should I let myself become?

And at which point could my own purity become smudged?

Have I already treaded too far along a thinning line?

And why does the mind make a winning argument for more to come?

It's the shiny toy equation

And a potentially semi-serious confession for someone to pay attention

Persona and person merge and mold and create a hybrid

Of a halfway raucous laugh hell bent on skirting sad

‘Let's be happy again’

What's whispered and slurred late in night's game

Is leisurely refuted come the dawn of day

How will this wayward story end?

‘Easy there Tiger - too many questions

Now take it easy’

The smoke curls and wafts up the bathroom vent

A weary forehead rests on my chest

I scratch the two-tone back

And lean my head slightly back