Crystal Sphere



The crystal sphere is staring at me

Its roundness

Its thickness


Perfect bubbles

Caught in suspension

Tempered, frozen, stoic


You gave me this crystal sphere

As a symbol of a love

That doesn’t give up

A sphere that will not break

But only expands

Along with our years


You wanted to show me

That a bubble needn't burst

That this crystal sphere

Is firm and dependable

And full of wonders inside

It is resting atop furniture

Baiting me to look at it


So I stared at it tonight

And I thought of us and how far away we are

And how I want you on my mind

The days go by

And it doesn't get easier

Although pain can

Feel beautifully cleansing

I don't know who ever said

That the farther back

The goodbye recedes

The more distant emotions feel


I don't always find it to be true

I miss you more

With each day that bids good-bye

And you and I

Don’t say a word

Each of us living out our own lives


I have a lot I wish I could tell you

But all I do is look at this picture of you

One of the many that I took

I am glad I have memories

Of your many faces

Of you looking at me

Or looking away handsomely

I miss the physical and the emotional you

And I surely wish

You and I could go back

To the days of fluid tongues

When silence was no burden

And love was expressed

With effortless effusion


I am thinking of you right now

As I always do

Before I turn in for the night

It's the lonely hours past midnight

That my mind mostly lures in

Recovering sounds and sights

From a joint past


I want to take my time

With moving on and along

I know I can't tread still

You sure won't and neither should I

I have a lot of growing to do

But please know that just because

You don't see a written word

Coming from my end

It doesn't mean I am not

Composing in your name

In the privacy of a silenced room

Without fail every night

The words I generously key in

Are meant for you

But for the time being

They will remain like the bubbles inside the sphere

Evidence of suspended speech