"Of Course"

He came in, sat down, spoke up, and that is all it took

Words strung together in ways that they wove a path of curiosity and nascent wonderment

An engaging story or two revealing facts of life and lessons from the past, and the hook began unfurling, began descending looking for earth, for nurture, for an anchoring

Details started shaping up, started climbing up mind's ladder to bait sensations that had lain latent

Suddenly, or so it felt, attention peaked as attraction peeked from under nostalgia’s firm seating

It takes the proverbial one person to reverse the most profoundly felt state of numbness, to find out the leap is still just a conversation ahead, the ledge there waiting to be toyed and flirted with

The man left and dusty wings stretched reborn. Would he come back?

Galvanized and titillated, the mind's fantasy land rushed in, laid out the imaginary carpet, and scenarios of future encounters and possible connection began rising in rank. It was time for a walk and a reverie

There is nothing more inviting in life than the hope that one's interest approximates another, that thoughts about the other are forged and honed in joined space - this is the stuff of magic

There is such beauty when two beings notice something passing behind composed eyes, an intrigue spinning about who this other person may reveal himself to be beyond first glances and perfunctory assessments.

Wanting to find out what lies below the spoken line, finding one's thoughts veering back around to him, olive toned, two parts axis of evil, on a path to soak up life and with a steady acquiesecence on his lips to live the entire bucket list

To look up a week later and see him walk back in. To observe him sit at the counter with sketchbook in hand, it could hardly have felt more cinematic or prophetic. 

Could I have intended this? Could our thoughts have come to an accord inside the ether? Most delicious questions with as of yet outstanding answers. 

There remains the wish to pry inside the brain, to figure out where the I may reside if somewhere at all. There is the urge to reach out, to ask for more, to obtain a status report. 

Fact is, thoughts continue meandering in his direction. Wonderment keeps growing and the wish for an acknowledgment, for signs of a renewed meeting, abound. 

This Awakening constitutes untethered daydreaming and a slight unhinging. No matter. That's the stuff that colors the everyday and makes the mundane recede. This is the junction where breaking open is set in scene.