First Impression of England and the British

I peek at him past the black rim

I talk away, listen, crack a thoughtful smile

One drink in

The lounge lights up

No way this is all the time we got

The night's not even close to far along

Come on, let's go somewhere else and talk some more

Some other low lit bar

Will surely welcome our thoughts

Every second I tighten up I also try to relax

Doing my best

To both genuinely offer and logically assess

Lords of awkward first dates

Let us fast reach the point

When words show their face and exit with ease

I'd like to leave

An impression that sticks

That invites his mind to think

"I'm really digging this chick."

At the Martini Bar we talk awhile

As night's determined to truncate time;

He doesn't seem to mind

I wish for alcohol to clear my fear

Hell, who says I ought to be

Anyone other than me?

His lips and eyes now smile

Once in a while

{and in parentheses}

I truly hope I am not being too frank

With certain details

of my memory bank

Breathe - just let it all be

No reason to worry

Oh God, if he could hear my inner speech

He may just deem me entirely silly

Another last call, another closing time

I am not ready to leave this conversation behind

Come on ship, don't shorten a most promising night

Not everyone who sleeps on here

Is past their prime

Where else can I enjoy the company

Of this lovely British guy

Those are the thoughts taking over my mind

Oh, how wonderful - he's taking the lead

He seems in no hurry for this encounter to cease

I get to see behind the scenes

Costumes, curtain calls, and center stage

His stomping ground - the world of surround sound

But even this twilit visit can't go on infinitely

Night is striding along decidedly

Urgh, how to stifle time's merciless stunt?

Can't you see that I am having quite a bit of midnight fun?

Alas, not much else to do but retreat to deck two

Our single status abodes and what’s more

Adjacent cabin doors

Now isn't this the perfect staging ground

Begging us to share some more on intimate ground?

He opens his door, invites me in

Oh boy, didn't they warn me

About what it means if I decide to go in?


I don't wanna say goodbye yet

One cigarette that's it

I'll find a way to keep this stint relaxed and real

But instead, I find myself sitting on the razor's edge

Speaking haltingly, altogether uncomfortably

I know what the hell I'm doing

 I am trying to stretch out my allotted allowance

Did I miss my exit cue?!

My timid spirit starts turning blue

Why can't I keep things casual and cool?

He is so damn cute

I already know that I'm totally into him

What was that?!

Do I want to kiss him?!

Goddamn yes, but how do I begin??

Distressed indecision

There goes my daydream

I guess for now *sigh*

It's time to say goodbye

How to say it though...

Better make it fast

Let me not linger

A rapid hug will have to do

Remain calm, open the door

Walk out, don't turn around

As I cringe inside and step into the narrow hall

He gently (yet decidedly) grabs me by the wrist

Pulls me close and gives me one more kiss

My knees proverbially go weak

Ah, the tingling that I feel

Informs me that I totally dig this kid

Inside my room, I start writing

That's kinda what I do

When there is no point fighting

Tempting scenarios awash in feelings

A whole new ream of reveries

Is within mind's reach

This Brit fits the bill exquisitely

And tonight, he shall be the protagonist of

My semi-lucid dreams