A Little Tingle Come my Way

After months of an emotional flat line, I find myself shy once again

I look at you and hope for two things,

For you to notice me,

For me - to let you - take note of me

It is back to the drawing board of feeling giddy

When I think of you or when I happen onto you

I daydream a little and it feels both invigorating and a tad bit deflating

Cause sadly nothing can evolve from this nascent sensation

I’ve waited too long to recognize my attraction

And now, it feels like a slightly demonic tease

I can’t say we are meant for more than a kiss

But that one kiss, I wish I could live

Just one tender moment

A moment I wished for

Yet wasn't three months back

A Carol caress, a little something innocent

A sensual interlude awash in feminine allure