If I Say Goodbye, Will You Say Hello?


Tonight our planet turns a numeric page
And I feel resigned
To turn the final page on you.
They say that
Each day is the start
Of something new,
So when the calendar shows one
This number shall be my rightful cue

To say goodbye to you
Goodbye to you

I once smiled at new beginnings
I used to feel their hope,
Their strength
Now, the year draws to a close
And I can’t seem
To make the next move
You once were the light
That brightened my life
But now, it appears
That with each attempt
What you do best
Is take flight

I need to say goodbye to you
Goodbye to you

You continue to write me
With much beauty
And I respond each time
Like a devout pet
That never seems to tire
Roaming around that same old fantasy.
In my head the question remains
What good is a new page
When the sudden surge to jump ship
Too soon deflates

And falls back asleep?

It is time to say Goodbye to you
Goodbye to you

Tomorrow I will choose
Another stance, a different path
And my reactions from here on
Will not blindly follow yours around

I will write

Yet another first page

And inside hope may at last
do away with its cage

Will I say Goodbye to you
Goodbye to you?

[Whisper] I wish I did not have to
I wish...
I wish...
I wish I did not have to

And despite all that I've just said

If I say Goodbye to you
Will you grow bold
Come to me …and say Hello?