How can you pretend that this was nothing?

This was Not Nothing

This was something other than Nothing

We were

And there is no denying it

There is no glossing over it

There is no pretending that this was but

A blip in someone else’s memory

There is no simple looking away

This was not just - anything

A detail to be discarded as if it had never been


- It happened –


It was real and it remains part of my waking appetite

I can’t simply cast it aside

I can’t just move on without remembering

Nothing is – Not - what this was

Nothing doesn’t leave residue

We had very real moments

And these are part of the fabric of time

They are woven into the walls of my mind, live in the argon atoms

And the very texture of this recycled air

We were not amorphous but solid and real


-Once –


In our moments of hushed over togetherness

Nothing is anything but

What occurred inside our chosen nest

Don’t tell me you don’t recall

On more than a rational plane

What we shared in those involving months

Nothing has no name

But this

What this was

Can and has been

Described in many words

And with enough emotion

To survive the apathetic tide

What was - stands forever

An imprint in same-time

That no amount of lying can deny

Face it,

We were.

And the traces will linger