Latent Thoughts at Lake Tahoe


Near the rim of Lake Tahoe's shores

A plenitude of latent and

Fervent land on recently floored feelings

As I recline my car-worn body on fertile grass

My eyes spot solace in surrounding mountain spheres

My ears spot serenity beneath undulating waves

Cowering crests retreating beyond request


The afternoon has halfway arrived


To my right, liquid lyre emits soothing light

Harmonizing my every furious interior tide

Nature has taken on all of my senses

Stripping obligation off all timetables

Allowing thoughts to settle on topics

Entirely of my choosing


These may very well be my last days

Of outward freedom

Before the grid possibly

Lassos me back in

I've had loads of idle time

On my pondering plate while

The mental surge's remained high


I've chewed on many a boxed in impression

That has led me aside from many-a-place

To Lake Tahoe's now-here

Were slender daisies sprout on a whim and

Crowned flowers greet their kin


I am sitting in easy enough lotus pose

And look more than casually at the gaudy sticker

On the upper left hand corner of a trail mix pack

A cartoon-like squirrel

Carries my meandering musings

To us and the now receding reverie of

A once-crescent connection turned uneasy memory