Your Barcelona Summer


Dawn breaking, barely significant

Desires firmly snapped into one

Eyes trading bold feelings

While the world outside

And the people besides

And everything beyond what we've been,

Then and now,

Fade into background


This moment with you

Is one in future framed

A now already fondly euologized

Unseating the daring dream of a 'Sunset and Sunrise'

The single reflective panel that we faced inside the metro

Sketching our tempted faces

Revealing the state of our hearts

So far beyond platonic...


Together we’ve been circling and probing our passion

First guardedly and then with unabashed abandon

"Psst, I have something to tell you;

I care for you more than the word like;

I have been watching you when you talk;

I have been seeking your knee when we sit close;

My lap is missing your kind face

Did you notice our elbows touch

During dinner tonight?”


In the metro,

When I leaned back, when your head came near

I felt the teenager stir awake,

Thank you for the words you spoke

Thank you for offering emotion

Thank you for speaking all those things

I have been thinking of you too,

I admit I have been waking up

Giddily checking the message box

This past month...


Nothing seems changed between us,

Although interim time has formed us

All that I wish to say - which is now -

Traveling through silence and coded gestures

Sneaky words and double-layer action


When we cut the vegetables,

Prepared dinner in your apartment

Giggled with innocence, shyness,

And more on the side

When I was in the shower

Discerning your thoughts

Knowing, that I was past feeling awkward

And you past feeling uncertain

That we are here, together

Several years ahead

And one furtive kiss during a hasty tête-a-tête already salient -

To render all missing time naught


I instantly remembered your distinct scent

Which I am willing onto me like I have

No other since the time we first met

We’ve been communicating using modern Morse code

Emulating George Sand and Alfred de Musset

Tapping keys on the computer - initiating

Ever more suggestive undertones


Which brings me to the following wonderment


‘How do – you - feel us?

How do – you – wish to express us?

This - is all me - about you

My feelings, when we are - us

Place your trust in my heart

Ignore the cheering sounds from afar

They couldn’t possibly grasp

That our love has bridged a six-year gap