Light in the Corner


I don't need to see you every day

And I certainly don't need to talk

All the time

I don't need constant reassurance

A text or two will do just fine

A little email here and there

And I am on my merry way through Life

Knowing that you are there

In the back of my mind

That there is an outing

In a few days' time

That is enough

It really is

To make me feel peaceful and at ease


I don't need a big production

Nor do I need tons of assertions

One sound bite a day

And I feel taken care of

I feel I am being thought of

It does not take much

To keep me content

It's consistency that matters

And of course the words you sent


I can live into the day

Knowing that in three days' time

I'll see you because you want to

I am not big on talking

The phone is not my go-to thing

It is enough if we write a few lines

If I can feel you mean what you write

One little tease can make my day

And lift me up out of diving low


I can face my world and my tasks

With the idea of you in the back of my mind

It keeps me from slouching into a couch

From starting to eat for comfort's sake

Just the knowledge that I exist somewhere

In your mind, and that you think of me

Once in a while today, and that this thought

Makes you smile


That's all I am asking for really

Is it selfish?

Maybe it's childish

I don't know if I am doing it right

But this is how I feel

In all honesty

We can be apart for a while

But as long as our emotional tie thrives

I feel the benefits from it

And I peacefully recline


Now that you postponed

Not canceled no - rescheduled

Moved hanging out

To a better time

I am left thinking

That I've been replaced

With someone more beguiling

On the most promising night of the week

It does feel deflating

I do feel the edges of my smile drooping

I cannot help but feel mistrust

I am disappointed

I had rescheduled things to make this fit

After you asked to pencil me in


Why is it that possibility in life

Seems to evaporate after each upswing?

It never seems to remain suspended

Lofty and up high

What goes up

Seems to pummel down way too soon

After my mind rejoices

And silently forms a Hell Yeah


Are my vibes too muddled?

Is my stance too uncertain?

Should I pick up the damn phone more often?

I lose faith too quickly these days

But then, I can't help it

Examples are there and they have formed lessons

And now you, what do I do with this rejection?


Keeping it light -

Isn't it the same as saying?

Don't bother

I'll be all right?

Where are desire and drive

When it's just a

Let's see what happens – stance?


As I always say

It takes the piss out of the whole damn thing

I am back to thinking

That you'll eclipse yourself

And that from here on

I'll never hear from you again

And to be honest

I am tired of whispering:


Please keep me from overthinking this