Wandering Whisper (Paris-Plymouth)

Tonight my mind traveled up and out beyond the dusk-filled clouds  

Past white washed walls and rigid antennas

 I heard your faintly whispered name greet soft summer air

I let your syllables travel

Travel toward the Cornish town you call home

Maybe hoping you’d intercept them

While sitting outside on a flattened roof top near the shore

Overlooking the city

Watching a similar night sky

Benevolent and kind


You will be gone in two days' time

There will be

No more waiting necessary

You will be gone

But I’ll keep you close anyway

I can’t help it

Redemption has become tied to your name

I weave it into the things I say

Silently and sometimes out loud

I exhale these most popular sounds


Nighttime serenade now airborne

Will carry with it

Floored feeling resigned to roam


Things haven't changed for me

But I hope one day

They will have changed for you

Cause I care to believe

That I love you

And I thought you should know