If Only I Were Brave Enough...

....to look into your eyes and tell you what I truly feel

If I could set aside all those considerations and all those fears

If I could tell you just one time how much you mean to me

It would certainly lead to tears vying for release


If I could somehow communicate to you that I feel you

If I could let you know why it is that I can't forget you

If there was a way for the two of us to meet away from artifice

If I could sidestep this tremendous fear of being real

Only to find myself dismissed

If only I could be brave enough to face you

It would mean so much to tell you how you continue to come up


If I could stop silencing my feelings for fear of hurting someone else's

If I could allow myself to be open and vulnerable and here –

Entirely in this space

If I could muster the courage to pursue you and to tell you

‘I believe in a ‘me and you’

If I myself could trust that I am good enough and that I deserve you

I know I would at least want a chance to try being with you


I would be willing to enter a difficult path –

Hell, it would be about time I engaged with life


If I were bold enough, I would not let this feeling slowly burn itself out

If I were more determined, more sure of myself that I can do this

If I didn't need more than emotional scraps to be clear in my actions

I would give my heart the floor to speak its soul


If I were brave enough...

There'd be so much I'd like to share with you

If only I were brave enough, I'd at least be without regret