Rhapsodic Sentencing



Stoic rails forge an unforgiving trajectory

As they pass old-century scenery carrying

Lovers along an obstinate journey

Attempting to correct a receding reality


You and I remain

Tied to a promise from the past

That keeps us rabidly awake each night 

Staring at the wake of our sunken path


Your solemn artist

Mirrors mine

The far away

The creative dye cast inside

Beckons us both

As you and I

Continue this stagnant ride

Night after night

As if harnessed feelings

Could undo what he cast aside


The train has nowhere realistic to take us

Yet we remain confined to its rigid trek

Its indifferent dalliance defiantly

Spurring us on in the belief that only he -

Will split the darkness


The poet-in-the-flesh has left

Yet we refuse to surrender the key

True and real cannot simply disappear

The math in the mind won’t add up

It wouldn't make romantic sense


And so the image in the lake becomes

 A holy grail

The valley of eternal flowering

A far away beckoning

As the train plows its way

Toward a far flung possibility

Teetering on the fringes of reality


The water washes up tethered souls

The sun basks sorrow in a searing score

I happen upon the title of this life

And hold its gaze with sullen eyes


Our beings hold equal pain

They share a similar demise

How precarious to provoke the enchanted pen

For how can one ever rise again

After an artist's purest

Gift has been pointedly deposited

In our midst?


It’s a defining moment that - courting distinction -

Cannot fathom an equal mold

We are both engaged yet find

Ourselves eternally running astray

For the one who elevated our meaning

Has toppled the pedestal

And trained his gaze toward The ethereal


Only the train continues to partake -

Iconoclast of a now defunct destiny

A wiped out territory

A punishment issued from sinew and scenery

Rattling  the gears of an unhinged machinery


Blessed are the cursed

And cursed are the blessed

As the train pulls into sleepy stations

And out again into resilient country sides


The wheels decidedly continue spinning

And we -

We simply won’t get off

Not for the time being


Zou Yu's Train.jpg