Cantus Firmus



“The name Bach is 14,
number he used frequently in his compositions.
What is interesting is that his name,
the numerical value of the individual letters, are all Fibonacci numbers.
The piece has three voices:
A bass voice,
a second voice touched with the left hand,
the first voice played in the right hand.
This is called a fixed corner or
Cantus Firmus,
And together, these three voices create polyphony.
Typically, a nymphomaniac
is seen as someone who is not satisfied
and so has sex with many different people.
This is obviously true, but to be honest
I see this as precisely the sum of
all these different sexual experiments.
So, in that sense, I just have a lover."
~Nymphomaniac Vol. 1

If all of them result in one

Which one is you

And who is my One?

Whom do I superimpose on whom?

Who came first and who will stick at last?


"My past is closed" she said


Yet, mine, remains wide open

You come up, and then you, and you

Bubbles form – is it chance - and they are filled with question marks

Reveries abound of alternate reels

Pithy beginnings, moments uniting with growing time


If the Cantus Firmus is the one that sits atop the rest

Would it invariably, inevitably lead to you

Or is the One a great composite of facets

Of faces that made me press reset?


There was once an image of a rock

And a flower growing by its side

The baritone as a base and soprano its outcrop

A three tiered sound to a multi-tiered love

If the many reveal the one

How come she continues feeling so numb?


Is it Bach's use of 14 that matters

Or the spiraling sequence revealed in a name?

Where and when do we merge

And who ends up feeling real?

It appears like a mountain of amorous decay

A Cantus Firmus overlooking sinking fate


Who are my three?

Who makes up my sensual sphere?


How the hell could I know by now?

Three is two plus that One

The multitude and the solo on top

He stood out until his status dropped

While another midday musing came to full stop

Don’t we all revel in polyphony

While living out uneasy monogamy?


The ones in the dark,

The ones divested,

The ones we survived

They remain at the seat,

They offer up the ascending step

Which could mean that – You -

Will only ever be a composite

Of the previous pains that led me here

"Only Lovers Left Alive"

"Only Lovers Left Alive"