The Power of a Name


It used to be your name

That would make my senses jitter

I would see CUtLERY appear on screen

And my world would collapse into a single word

My mind would flood with images of us

And I would feel potently alive

It's incredible

The power of a name appearing on a virtual page

The way it pierces you like a determinedly thrown/ forcefully pointed spear

It hits the target - always and immediately

And I start smiling - I can't stop really

My face becomes one life-size dimple


And now it's your name that flushes my face with instant happiness

I know it doesn't quite make sense

But I can't help it - the smile - it simply spreads

There is no stopping it

And to be honest - I let it

It's so beautiful and unexpected when it happens

Why would I snuff it out with rationale?

There is always time for it when the giddiness subsides


For now, it brought me a moment of anticipation and hope

It gave me ammunition for tonight's walk

For there is a whole new dream to flesh out

And for now, away from the crowd

Those images in my mind - they keep me company

They are my stand in for real life


I wish I could have surprised you on that NY piece of rock

Drinks in hand, sensations invading my chest

Eager to cash in on the hug

I've been waiting for

These past six months