Love is not a Star Code


Love is not an emergency

To be fixed with trepidation and urgency

Love is not a dis-ease to quickly remedy

It is not a medical condition

To be dealt with expeditiously


Love is not a Fake word

It isn’t a sentiment to be trifled with

It is so much more than what you make of it

It is big in growing

Big in appreciating


Love is not to be discarded at a moment’s cessation

It isn’t suited for surgical ablation

If not cared for

If left behind carelessly

Mind tends to fester and hurt repeatedly

It isn’t to be

Carelessly imitated and played fools with

Love is not a toy

No, Man,

Love most certainly isn't your plaything


It is the catalyst of our existence

A most formidable exaltation

That once awoken only to be

Beaten to the ground

Finds it hard to retreat

Without a season of mourning


Love, my dear,

Is not a Star Code


Love is real no matter where we are

It can’t be denied

And won’t be denied for long

It comes to us all

Even those, who claim there isn’t such a thing

Not on here anyways

Not on this floating home away from ‘real’


Let me tell you

You are wrong in this

Love unattended, unrequited

Leaves scar tissue behind

It fashions barriers that inform the future

Traces may at first appear invisible

But down the line remain barely concealable


Love breathes

Even on board

It breathes -

It begs for air

When feelings fail


Don’t sell the idea of love

If love is not what you care for

Don’t wrap yourself around my very person

And then tell me: “Don’t get too involved”

Don’t probe my private core

And then sully it with wanton words


Love is not a Star Code

To do away with

It can’t be extracted on command

As I said

It is Not something to be trifled with

It is not an ugly word

Love is Real


Even in this strange place

Or better said,

Especially while we reside on this ship