A Penny for your Truth


My appetite is rising

And it is rising fast on your watch

I feel hungry for flesh

And it's yours that raises my stats

I am ready to be taken once more

To be devoured, to devour,

To throw down and be thrown

I am emerging from numbness and slumber

And I expect our temperature

To boil and burst asunder for

I want release, I want redemption, I want catharsis

And I want it with you

From every angle, a different sensation

A different impression to grab me

A moving image of passion


I picture a composition of changing perspectives

Moving along guided by instincts and aesthetics

What the lenticular lens captures is rapture

Passing along the frills of ardent arrest

It's kinetic, it's whirling, it doesn't stand still

The opposite of stoic, I am burning

Feeling the waves becoming agitated when reading your message

I want to take you and I promise you I’ll let you take me

The two of us a percolating piece of art

Intermingled, interwoven, entangled

Offering up all angles, we want it all

I want it all

Or better put, I simply want...all of what you got