The Midas Chirp

Every time I listen to birds outside chirping, I wonder how much longer we'll have the privilege to listen to natural sounds and music. I keep thinking about how so much of our current and modern lifestyle necessitates the destruction of natural habitats, and how species after species is either on its way out or has already disappeared. We may not think much about the mighty impact of hearing birds self-expressing in trees, thinking it's only a minor detail of life, but I believe that hearing nature profess bliss is something that immediately acts upon our psyches and immune systems. Birds and their companions have access to our neurons, to our sense of togetherness and our connection to nature, and if that goes one day, I foresee an entire population hooked even more acutely on prescription and street drugs trying to simulate the high that we lost because we were too preoccupied with the might of our iPhones and iPads.

Nature is our ally, not our foe

She is here to support us not undo us

We are here to experience each other

Not just to accumulate things

We may think that all is good and technology will find a way

Out of current hubris and bottleneck

We look outside and take what we see and hear for granted

Not thinking that these sounds could be gone rather soon

That they are already en route toward extinction

One day, when we wake up, the world outside

Will be eerily quiet, and we may notice it right away

Or we may drudge away at our daily chores

Only to feel a little more weighed down than usual

More deflated than previously assumed

And we'll try to find artificial solutions

For something that cannot be

Healed entirely by human means

So, my advice to myself is to

Take heed every day and to radically appreciate

To further my life in organic and life-affirming ways

To lead by example, to spread the sustainable word

The chirp is mighty and can never be discounted

We are inextricably linked to our brothers and sisters

All of them, and it's time to take hands off our ears

Lower our head, resting at the chin

And bow reverently to the Midas Chirp