Window Talk


Morning walks haltingly

At a slacking pace

Languid movement

The weight of the day

Indenting strength

An occasional soft swaying

A tolerable calmness


The fitful flapping of wings

Staccato across a brooding page

Of sky blue vastness


The innocent back and forth

Of ethereal aesthetics

The cautious crawling

Of the ones

Bound to the ground

Earth’s desire

To keep it all close


Why don’t we

Keep each other close?


Despite the pull

The hug originates

Only on one side

The elements still affect

Expose and tug

At tentative tranquility

Bending limbs lost

In a descending


Their weariness showing

Their resignation

Demanding empathy

The reflections of taxing times


The end of the day

Approximates a still life

That diverts the eye

From the anguish

Of seminal abyss


Anxious anticipation

Of the time between sun down and night-rise

A ghost hour of its own magnitude

An invitation to incomplete oblivion

A nightly baiting of

A peace that, for the time being,

Remains fleeting