Inside Court


Ani di Franco once sang of how

‘A fetus was holding court in her gut’ –

And it made me think of the voices within that demand an audience

The people, things, and situations that intermittently

Hold court in our minds

Inside our systems

They are multiples and seem forever extending


One day it was you keeping my inner most court excessively oiled

Keeping my spinning thoughts captive

You stayed and stayed beyond expiration date

And what could plausibly make logical sense

Until another presence began causing a stir within

And the court expelled you to welcome another one in


Year in, year out, we go through cycles

Of avid hellos, steep climaxes, and ebbing goodbyes

All the while wishing for both longevity and novelty

At the very same time


When the court remains empty for a while

It may be met with relief

Or a slice of regret

Sometimes with a bit of numbness

And a tinge of bitterness

However, hope always steers the course of more hope

That the court will have a renewed influx of petitioners to greet

And a chaliced heart to do their bidding


A crowded court can get messy

And come dangerously close of running aground

Naturally, quite easily

And the inner realm may lose its peace by means of cacophony

Silence in the court is a must from now to now

It’s in the whispers of the hollowed –out core

That best we can listen to what and who

We truly wish to be

Who we Really Are


There are many shades of listening

To others and the Self

And the court is but a metaphor

Of someone paying attention

Of a being taking proper heed

The decision is always to be considered

Within every capacity we have by our side

Courts make public what otherwise

May fester unheard, unobserved inside

And so the court is what keeps us

Loyal to ourselves

And to the voice that beckons from within


We cannot live severed from our intimate kind for long

We are, veil’s apart, beings willing and ready

To commune and harmonize

And it’s our neural justice we must beseech


So let your court be ever ready at the ear

Willing to hear out your most inner plea

Ready to pounce at the sound of perennial peace

For words nestled in consciousness escape no one

No matter how hard and determined we run