On Being a Lefty


In sports, the left side is the unexpected side,

The side that we routinely fail to cover;

We get hit from the left - because it's untested terrain.

It allows for a surprise shot, for a forceful upper cut.

So being a lefty is an asset, correct?

Then, why switch over to right and become run of the mill if l was assigned left side?

Well, there is an undeniable attraction to fit in with the norm.

Writing with the left is cumbersome, it almost feels unnatural.

Look at this hen's penmanship; it’s like a hand whose genetic code did not include writing.

However, it does feel artistic; it does 'feed' into feeling different.

I thought to myself that even though my handwriting has not received a single compliment over the years (except one from last week - thank you, Becca)

It shows a tad bit what I'm made of - a bit out there, a bit quirky, a bit me.

Of course I can train myself to reasonably write with my other hand,

You know, to supplement what I was handed at birth.

But hide my tracks entirely? No, I think I love the word 'individual’ a bit too much for that.

Swinging with my left is being authentic - it's being in my element -

It may look clumsy, it may even look ugly, but it's what comes naturally to me