Identity Marks

What features frame your identity? A particular way you speak, the way you think, how you walk or how you dress? We all have identity markers hidden or on display somewhere and these are the traits that we believe makes us uniquely, 'us'. A perceived loss of identity can be painful, disorienting, gutting. We feel our middle ripped open and torn apart, we feel estranged to our own core and feel as if we are a non-entity. It's as if we had been thrown back into the existential dust. No more distinguishing characteristic. Bland, and insipid, lackluster, and boring. Without shine.


Let go, let go of outer form

Let go of what you only think you need

Identity does not come from without

It grows within

Try not to hold on to illusion

The you that's you has always been you

Will continue to be you

No outer change will change that

You can't not be you

Just let go, let go of the crutches you think you need

Of what you believe defines you

Makes you a person people would want to know

Nothing that we do to ourselves

Is real; it is a simple stand-in

So let go

Just let go

And breathe

You are where you stand

And today you stand over here