Ecstatic Birthright

Boom, boom, boom, lead me to the ground, into the ground, dig me in, cover me up, tear at my mask, tear at all that’s unreal, I want you to undo me, to undo me. Boom, boom, boom, arms up and arms out, stomp into the ground, stomp, stomp out propriety, stomp out etiquette and eradicate frivolity. Return to the source, praise the origin, feel the power rising, feel the feminine expand, take on life, live in its sacred power source. Boom, boom, boom, twirling to the sounds of the aboriginal thought, of the early thought, of the baby that once was you, unconcerned, undivided and uncensored. Continue to let the drums guide you, to let them unfurl you, to let you wise up to your innocence. Primal are the movements that you bask in, that you entangle yourself in. Stop thinking, stop pretending, stop puffing up.


Boom, boom, boom close your eyes and let go, let go, let go

Feeling understood means feeling loved

Feeling understood means feeling cared for

Feeling understood means feeling secure

Dancing the tribal dance

We understand or better said re-understand

Where we came from

Who we were before clothes and customs shrouded us in

Before we decided to hide from ourselves and others

Because our own parents couldn’t see us

Wouldn’t see us

Insisted we be like them

Feeling in the body

Really in the body, feeling every molecule move

Letting the limbs do their thing

This is where the divine sets in

The entry point is the moving into the sound

And breaking the noise barrier inside the mind

Breaching the decent and the proper

And letting the unbridled scream blissfully sing

In this moment, we understand who we are

We are back to where we started from

We remember the beauty of being a child

Embraced and cradled by pure love

Nothing that deterred the raw feeling

All in its perfect place

The portals are out there waiting for us

Waiting for us to pass through

And return to a state of ecstatic virginity

The possibilities endless, the road ahead infinite

Filled with signposts and friendly lessons

If we only choose to look and to adore ourselves

From the ground up