Bandwidth of Truth

Rear view gathers certainty
Over a vile belief that
Looked at today, feigned sanity
reality sears the veil off
our previously captive fears

an entire war fought
buried in the ground
losing to the enemy
holed up while blood and
dirt courted an ugly thought

Throughout, the persistent question remained
"Why do we Fight?"
Train your ear on the eerie sound
from inside a fence
erected in a dense forest

A world unimaginable
opening to the eyes of
allied countrymen heretofore
unflinching, unrepentant
proud to fight for the homeland

Tattered bodies silenced and tense
their bones beg for an audience
their flesh exposes souls
feeding on hope so thin
one potato more or less
tilts the scale toward death
famished eyes follow those
who in disbelief
come to realize
that war wages
a fierce campaign
to downsize life.