In Search for Essence or the Key to Unlocking the Musical Movement of Being

When it comes to finding ourselves out here, we tend to look for art to remedy the malaise of not entirely grasping what we are made of. As artists we are always intent on finding ourselves through our artistic manifestations. It's inside the art that we become vindicated and revealed. Art cleanses, fills and creates a bridge toward others and helps us explain ourselves to those we wish to vibe and commune with. 

Music captures the movements of our being, our moods, our more enduring traits, our underlying essence. It tunnels into us, envelops us, arrests us, elevates us. We find that through music, the loneliness of the human existence is somewhat mitigated. It brings people together in crowning instants. An intrinsic understanding passes between bodies, minds, and performance as welcome bonds coalesce. Music, maybe more than any other art form rallies people together as musical notes electrify the air. It is not a primarily solitary art form. It is a communal one. We come together to play music, to share our current makeup, to transcend our daily world and to forge new vibes. 

Three songs have found me in the dark of night, flashing light at myriad parts of my being, and they have revealed themselves to be an apt composite of what I am made of, at the moment. Whether they bring me to tears or they arouse in me a fire that travels up the central node, these songs have gripped something essential and primal, an eternal thread upon which my current being thrives. These songs feature the specific as well as the all-encompassing. They break down dissonance and bring disparate units together, forging a harmony that everyday thinking too often achieves to muddle up. 

"Washboard Lisa" addresses the romantic in me. It's the quietly crushing, the timidly revealing melody that swoons in nostalgia and melancholy. There is solace and redemption to be found, emotions that move me to tears no matter how many times I've listened to the song over the years. It reaches deep down. It finds the chord that fires up the emotional core. This is my loving self on display. The romantic oddball who cannot be entirely carefree. Too much has been lived and witnessed and here are the thorns but it doesn't mean that love cannot arise by their side.

"Right in Two" is all about undulations, musical mountains that spell out a narrative arc of increasing intensity, of reaching the culmination, the elixir, and the ecstasy of love making, of intimacy. It's all about the build up, the crescendo, and the denouement. It's about properly setting the stage musically and emotionally, about moving in with grace, with determination, with enough playfulness and teasing. It's when the mundane is being flushed out and the world outside is extinguished to highlight only two and then one and then...none. "Right in Two"  uses words that carry a social message. They are incisive and they make us ponder our position and our actions in a world gone mad. The song makes us think. It is not relying on pulp. It is going for the guts and the gumption. And so is the instrumental accompaniment. This piece is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who dare to train a spotlight to what lies in the terrifying shadows, in the hidden valleys of our beings. Meet me outside convention, beyond the commonly accepted. It is time to erase conditioning, to take the reins and be carried along, to surrender and ascend.

"Requiem for a Dream" is another song that transports me to a state of exaltation. It is bringing me to a boiling point, to where I feel entirely unwrapped, blooming, rising, exploding. Nothing is held back. It's about shedding all the social reservations, all the timidity and all the isolating fears. It's about being on a fundamental, existential stage where the glory of being comes to full fruition. No holds barred, nothing held back. Charisma at its fullest, at its apogee. Deep, intense violet spreads across chest and arms, traveling down stomach, pelvis, hips, and legs. It's all encompassing. It swallows all reticence, hesitation, all my crippling insecurities. The Angel soars and every part becomes the all.