Finding Ways to Will Desire into Being and Whether It Ever Works Out the Way we Wish it

It appears that most of the time the things we wish for only come to fruition once we have resigned ourselves to them not happening, once we have forced ourselves to train our eye on something else, once our thoughts have been redirected to haphazardly contemplate an alternate future.

Suddenly, magically, completely unexpectedly, the long awaited phone call, text message, email arrives and we look in slight disbelief at the words on the screen or listen with a measure of shock to the voice we've been waiting to hear during all these days, weeks, months...dare I say years.

Why is that so? Why can't we will a response when we most ardently hope it'll reach us? Why must we go through this agonizing wait and the utter disappointment and the resigned sigh indicating that it is way past time to move on and leave this one behind?

I think cosmic law dictates that in order to receive we must be without attachment, or at least relaxed and open and available enough to receive the message and act wisely on if that ever happens when the receiver is still hung up on the person. Only if said person has truly moved on can there be a measured response, and usually it is an unconcerned shrug, followed by maybe a melancholy moment remembering the emotions the sender once elicited. And that is that. So why go through all this agonizing wait and feeling of deflation and rejection? What's the point? Are we really not ready to receive an answer when we most want it and obsessively (maybe that's the problem) wait for it? It could be that what we most want cannot be just handed to us, but aren't we supposed to be able to create anything that we see possible?

So, is the universe reluctant in delivering the message on a cosmic platter because we have too many doubts that this person won't actually reply? Are we working against ourselves? In fact, is the person holding the strings and the person at the end of the strings one and the same? If we quietly believed that our message will be received and replied to in due time, we wouldn't be sitting by the phone wondering and pining and moaning and mourning before all has been said and done. 

So maybe the only lesson here is to relax into it, trust that our wishes are coming true and have already come true as we express them and put them to paper, and for the rest, we shall see in the end. It's about maintaining a sense of curiosity out here, instead of following the “no” down an unsavory path. We are good. All is good.

Ask and you shall receive. I asked and I am receiving. Thank you universe, thank you to the me and to the all. I am as ready as I'll ever be. Bring it on. I am showing up and I'll keep showing up, Namaste! Aho! Amen!