Sacred Femininity

Beauty is so much more than what societal forces have imparted and indoctrinated us with. Beauty is a term that connotes richness on every level of existence. Beauty resides in a tender feeling and possesses an aesthetic that surpasses what entices on the surface. It is time - high time - due time - that we honor and cherish and share once more the many beauties that each of us hold within and alas often feel squeamish and reluctant to bring up and air out. Beauty is something that unites us, but more than occasionally divide us. When we speak of beauty, it is nature, Gaia, who has the answers. She shines on all with equalizing splendor. She doesn't play favorites and we don't expect her to. There is enough to take in and soak up for all of us. There is no shortage of it. The way we become arrested by descending night or by the stirrings of the day, so I wish for us women to inspire and bring awe to each other. I wish for us to look at the feminine not as a competitor but as a mirror, as an equally worthy, equally mesmerizing manifestation of the divine. We are not here to compete. We are here to elevate one another, to encourage one another, to see the beauty in one another. I wish for us to rise together, dance and laugh together, hold hands when in need. What a world it would be if we stopped comparing ourselves in belittling and shaming ways. I am no better than you. I am simply me, and you are gloriously you and just like Gaia, there is enough space to hold and cradle both of us. Avalon remains at our backs, shrouded in mist but no less real. Ancient matriarchies have set the path ablaze. It is not about squashing the male gaze, the male force. It is about communing with it, creating a synergistic energy. We are not here to mute each other. All voices are welcome, and when it comes to women, we have to remind ourselves that our voice is nowhere near drowned out. If we wish to partake and contribute to a collective raising of our planetary consciousness, then let's practice benevolence, and kindness, and forgiveness and above all else - self love, for where there is self love there is no question of loving our fellow sisters and brothers. When we accept our own particular internal vibration, we can stand next to each other and not feel threatened, not feel less, not feel like we are not enough. We are each and every one enough onto ourselves and others. We are good enough, and where there is inner peace, beauty follows. Beauty is our legacy; beauty is where we came from and what we embody. There is no need to outdo anyone in our vicinity. I wish for us women tonight to acknowledge beauty in all its guises and all feminine manifestation. Thank you Gaia for reminding us that we all have a seat at the cosmic table. We are all deserving. As beauty is our witness, let their be love. Namaste