This Warm Brick-Wall Feeling


Tired cobblestone baited by apathetic streetlights

Croons a sluggish tune of cowering strides

Downtrodden eyes stealthily peruse nocturnal

Doorways receding from sight

A tender musical thread rapidly breaks free of siren fissures,

Waging a tonal attack on the vagaries of daylight solace

Suspended sound escapes bricked-in crevices;

A murmur beckons from behind crimson enclosures

Suddenly, whipped up curiosity is sidetracking lagging footsteps


A pithy pair of ears senses a bluesy draft

Enthralled limbs now besieged by legions of amped up thought

Hurriedly push through a diminutive access point

Past effacing characters into a hazy recess ablaze in greedy garnet


There she stands - tall and confident packaged in red,

Endless legs firmly inhabiting flattened stone slabs

Her voice projects vector-like toward forgotten corners

Each syllable penetrating weary alcoves, fanning alluring curvatures

Catching famished and desirous minds in mid flight,

Promising spirited surprise

A Casablanca innuendo, in which seduction turns the key and

Surrendering unlocks a soothing destiny


She claims a single stool in the fist of the arena

A solo stage inside a fiery set up

She holds the melodic whip, claims the musical chair,

Scatters bite-size salvation in suffused mezzo tones

Scorching while seducing, she serenades a sutured muse


What it takes is the Voice in her entirety,

Dainty intonations, rapid inflections,

Breath-infused pauses, insinuating susurrations

Exposing all aspects of a collectively kept reverie

Devotions expelled with each incantation, chasing coquetish divination


The melody periodically lashes at catatonic ardor

At times tangoes with tantalizing staccatos

Only to take up the charge in a flare of da capos

Within these interplays, charmed delight erupts

And owl eyes swoon mesmerized

Ode and bravado entangle in a breathtaking overture

Harnessing a melange of tantalizing detours that

Finely launder individual blight on the

Prowl for deliverance far from mundane sight