Field Connection



The invisible lines that tie us together connect

To the Field that is vibrating at our unconcerned backs

We are by design a Grand Humanistic Snow Flake

Perfect in its conception, flawless in its execution

The solidity of our world is hiding energy in motion

We are energies constantly in flux

Nothing is as firm and cemented as it appears

And I believe it's time that we looked past all our learned lines

The color line, the gender line, the human separation line

Intuitively and Innately, I feel that Indra's net is who we are

All of us diamonds in her universal tapestry

We are shining our own light and reflecting everyone else’s

All at the same time

We are brimming with vibrations, waves, and sounds

There is so much out there that we fail to see, touch, and properly sound out

Yet it's here, it's all here


The most powerful two word vehicle we can imagine into being

God says to take heed in what word combination follows

I AM is the driving force of our reality, of the fundamental universe

Nothing emerges in a vacuum and nothing conceived

Falls into never-ness

We are all co-contributors and co-creators of this planetary manifestation

Onto which we project our current stats,

Where we distill and apply our most recently understood facts

Nothing ever thought, said, and acted upon is as if it never existed

We exist and everything that is part of us breathes alongside us

All research and findings that promote

A universal field of connected awareness

Align with what resonates deep inside, on the inside of the outside of our being

On an entirely intuitive level, we are one, and I can feel it

And I am pretty sure so can you, and you, and you

Sitting still can help bring all this to light

We are not islands drifting alone and without safety net

We are each other's guiding light

We are each other’s beacons in the night

We have power,

Immense internal power

And what we see in the world right now

Is but a reflection of most of what we are not

At heart, intrinsically, at life's outset

Throughout time and evolution

During this cosmic remembrance stint

It appears we indeed have no end

We'll continue creating, redefining, learning, clearing away

Mental rubble and emotional debris

Psychic blockages and mystical resistances

But our goal seems to be set

If a goal it can indeed be called

And that is that we will find again, rejoice again

In a union with the Divine

A melding with the one true source

A celebration and a welcome home

To the origin from whence we came into being

All of us, a fragment, a slice, a portion, a mirror

Of the whole that is within us

And shines for all who wish and care to feel


I am working on it,

And maybe that is not the right word either

But Here I Am

And each day

I breathe and I remember

That you and I are not so different

But instead beautifully similar and, in fact, perfectly one