Words are going missing

When the eyes are feasting


Voraciously, ravenously

The head keeps darting, peeking

Wanting to take it all in

Intensely, uncompromisingly

Vestiges of faerie tale pasts,

Keeping them alive

Wishing to commit spiraling serenity

To successive memory


The camera inside the eye

Turns itself on, ready to capture, to imbibe

No matter the lines of chronological time

These are the sights worth a rewind

No more probing inquiry

No more surface insufficiency


It's beautifully enough to become

Arrested by a window of wandering delight

Eons cradled on site, a lasting gift from years past

An unmitigated feast for the contemplative gaze


The internal compass fervently

Steering clear of dissecting debris

Looking up and out

Far from inquisitive and diminishing shouts

Arctic Circle harmony cradled by

A blanket of brushed on beauty

Reposing near the clear and silent sea

The world here beckons infinitely


In Akureyri – Home of the North

Life doesn’t insist on rushing by

It instead saunters along

All is less hectic, less frantic

Less self-inflicting

‘I am happy, healthy, and kind

And I love myself unconditionally’


The mantra rings more true

All the way up here

It advocates a change of pace

A turning around of mood

Tallying things in life that matter more


The mental finger lifts,

Presses down gently: