In Living Frame


The aesthetics of beauty are beautifully moving

Teeming with symmetry and complexity

That involve and balm the eye with color and texture

And carefully prepped looks and postures

An arranged decor of sublime precision

It is an amalgamation of pitch perfect compositions

That baits the eye with a smorgasbord of sight and sound

And leaves the mind thinking nothing short

Of an astounding and reverberating Awe all around

Everything in its absolute place - where else could objects possibly face

Perfection in a frame and

Frames in perfect unison

The senses ascend; they crescendo up to lofty peaks

Only to be tossed, twirled, and sent through whirled up wind

To the edge of a glaring precipice where all tense apogee

Could suddenly and precipitously pummel to unsightly catastrophe

Brimming with original imagery and homage to well-known mastery

This interplay of the glam and gaudy

Of poised caricature and artistically positioned cacophony

Harnesses all that stands for sweeping vision and beautified acquisition


Engaging the visual and auditory palette,

The race for justice and victory begins

For worldly Concierge and eager Mentor-ee

Tonal cadence and motoric fluctuations ebb and elevate

Through absolute attention to exquisitely executed detail

The screenshots become still lives for the retinal ages

Poignantly capturing their characters that

Remain beautifully affixed inside

For the creatively aspiring eye

To feast upon, dissect, and gleefully pry apart